QuickFix Troubleshooting Guide

Below are a few actions to try when experiencing trouble with OASIS.  We are, of course, always happy to work with you to figure out any trouble you're experiencing, but these are a few tips that may work.

  1. On the OASIS home page, hold the ctrl and F5 keys down together for a few seconds.  This will refresh your browser and clear your cache.
  2. Be sure that you have added http://couttsoasis.com to your safe list for pop-ups.
  3. If experiencing problems with Excel downloading in IE, see Excel Downloads

Report the Problem

If the above actions did not help, please use the Feedback button in OASIS to send us a message or, if you wish to send a screenshot, eMail oasisfeedback@couttsinfo.com.  

Please include the following information, along with your username and password:

  1. What is your browser and version (i.e. Firefox 3.5.5 or IE 8)?
  2. When does the problem happen (i.e. what are you trying to do in OASIS)?
  3. How often are you experiencing the problem? do you often only use OASIS at a certain time of day?
  4. Is there anyone else experiencing the same problem at your library?
  5. Do you have browser add-ons/plug-ins/firewalls in use?  Can you disable these temporarily to see if the problem persists (i.e. Firefox 'Safe Mode')?
  6. When you use another browser, do you still have the same problem (i.e. switch from Firefox to IE)?
  7. When you use another computer, do you still experience the same problem?
  8. Information about the computer hardware (CPU, memory) can be very useful