Logging in

URL: https://www.couttsoasis.com

Shibboleth access is initiated by selecting the users Institution Access Federation from the dropdown menu, as shown above, and selecting Continue.

The Requestor will see the pop-up below and selects their institution.

then, is redirected to their Authentication page for login -   

User will briefly see the following screen:

If this is the first time the Requestor has logged into OASIS through Shibboleth they will see the following pop-up and will need to fill this out before they can proceed (this is the one and only time they have to do this):

Three fields are mandatory: First Name, Surname and Email.  The Requestor can also select the method in which their request is sent to their recipient.  The default is the Request form.  User clicks Save in the lower right corner of the pop-up.  This should be the one and only time the Requestor has to fill this out.  The User is then automatically redirected to the Request form page in OASIS each time they login. 

Please disable any pop-up blocking software for “www.couttsoasis.com” sites.

Please note the login page terms message and link "By signing onto OASIS™ users accept the terms of this user agreement "