Emptying the Current List

The 'Empty Current List' button provides a quick way to discard the contents of individual lists in the Lists folder and to clear weekly lists of titles from Slip Notifications.

Users should act with care as the contents once removed are completely irretrievable.

  • In the screenshot below a list has been selected from the 'Lists' dropdown box on the left
  • Click 'Empty Current List' on the right
  • Confirm by clicking 'OK' in the popup - or 'CANCEL'

In the example below, the complete week selected from the 'Lists' dropdown box will be removed from the list with all its contents simply by clicking on 'Empty current list'.  You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete this list permanently.

A user may choose to remove a specific week's contents within the 'Recycling Box' or the entire contents simply by highlighting the desired week or list from the 'Lists' dropdown box on the right then clicking on the 'Empty Current List' button on the right.