Email Set-up

It is important to keep your personal information up to date so that you will receive important communications about OASIS as well as notifications.  Below are two areas in OASIS Lite where this information can be maintained.

Click on 'Manage Account' in the left menu then select the 'Personal' tab to the right. Enter or update all mandatory fields in order to be included in any communications outside of What's New. 
The 'Signature' field is important in tracking 'Order History' and 'Check Status' information.

The second place to update your email address in the 'List Maintenance' tab also found under Manage Account.  This needs to be done if you want to receive an email notification/reminder for any of the following System generated lists:

  • Authorize Orders
  • iFound List
  • Selector Inbox
  • Shopping Cart
  • Slip Notifications
  • Authorize Orders
  • iFound List
  • Recycling Box

This will ensure that you know new titles are available or titles awaiting your review.