Deleting Slips or Lists in bulk

Sometimes it is easiest to remove a number of weeks of slips (or within lists) by reducing the life-cycle of lists, albeit temporarily.

Go into Administration/Manage Account/List Maintenance, highlight your output in the upper window.

In the lower window, change the ‘Life-cycle’ to 7 days or 30 days or whatever is best, and Save. Leave it 24 hours (or overnight anyway) and check back and all weeks over that age will have disappeared.

Remember to reset the ‘Life-cycle’ to your preferred ‘normal’ period.

Alternatively, the easiest way to remove whole weeks at a time is to use ‘Mark All for Recycling’ and then ‘Process List’. You can ultimately select any weeks in the Recycling Box in Slip Notifications and do the same again so they are deleted completely. You may also set your Recycling Box life-cycle in List Maintenance as low as 7 days if required.

See Also Emptying your Recycle Box, Recycle, Delete Now & Life Cycle.