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In OASIS, users are warned of possible duplications by the "Check Status" notifications in the top, browse screen, as well as in the bottom tab, which are there to let you know what actions have been taken against the titles.  These notifications occur for an individual title, and there are several statuses that you may see.When you click on the notification in the Browse Row, the Check Status tab will open in the lower frame for you to view the details of the notification.   A full list of Check Status phrases is available here.

Any status that appears in Red indicates that the title is on its way to the library or is already owned by the library.  These include:

Firm Order – Open (when order has not yet been filled)

Firm Order – Shipped (when the title has been invoiced)

Firm Order – Returned (when the title was returned by customer)

Firm Order – Cancelled (when the customer cancelled a firm order prior to invoicing)

Firm Order – Credited (when Coutts cancelled an invoice prior to shipping)

In Library Holdings (for any titles already owned by the library whose ISBNs Coutts has pre-loaded into OASIS to prevent future duplication)

Order Record Downloaded(when ‘Download MARC & Clear’ or ‘Quotes Download’  has been carried out. Remains until book is ordered)

Here are examples:

Any status that appears in Orange indicates that the title is still within the library but either you or someone else is already looking at the title as well.

These include:

Awaiting Ratification (when a title is in Authorize Orders) 

In Your Shopping Cart  (yours takes priority if also in others)

In a Shopping Cart  (if another user’s and not in yours)

On Your List  (yours takes priority if also in others) 

On a List (if another user’s and not yours)

If an alternate format is in a Shopping Cart or on another List, the status will be indicated thus:  Cloth/HB In Your Shopping Cart  or Firm Order for Electronic Book - Shipped

Books that are included in Coutts’ Slip Notification programs are indicated with Approval Treatment

Please note that the History Tab details the actions taken only for ‘this record’.  A library may have several selection records for the same title.  This would occur if several selectors received slip notifications for the same title and each slip notification would be a different selection record as advised by ‘Check Status’ notifications.

Here are examples:

A full list of Check Status phrases is available here.