Shopping Cart

All Ordering may only be carried out from the Shopping Cart. Titles can be added from Search Results or from Lists that you have created. (See Lists)

Adding titles to the Shopping Cart

In Search Results, hover on in the 'Cart' column to display options:
- Add All Titles currently listed to the Cart
- Add the one highlighted title to the Cart
These are 'instant' actions which move the selected title(s) directly to the Shopping Cart as '1 copy'.
The quantity may be edited before doing this and will be carried forward, or later in the Shopping Cart itself.

The screen will refresh, the title(s) will be placed in your Shopping Cart and the record will disappear from your Search Results.

Once items are placed in your cart, they will remain there until you process them. You can log out and log back in at a later date without losing them.

The Shopping Cart

Click on the 'Shopping Cart' option in the Menu where the number of items currently awaiting processing will be shown; all items in your cart will display.

Titles default to '1' copy unless amended before being sent to the cart and are checked as 'Select' ready for ordering.

The quantity can be changed as requires and totals will be automatically adjusted. (A 'maximum quantity' level per title may have been set by the OASIS Administrator.)

Option to Select or Deselect titles individually or 'Select All'. Choosing 'Deselect' will remove the quantity from the item but it will remain in the list.

The total number of copies and gross price in your billing currency will appear at the bottom of the list and any changes you make will update this with immediate effect.

Option to Delete individual titles or 'Delete All'.



Click ‘Check Out’ button – brings a warning message if Order Info has not been completed for any of the selected titles.


Click ‘OK’. This will automatically bring open the ‘Order Info’ box for completion . Any pre-set field options will be will be Available in dropdowns.


‘Save’ will apply details to currently highlighted record only. ‘Fill All’ will apply the same details to every item in the Shopping Cart. ‘Fill Selected Only’ applies details entered to titles with the ‘Select’ column checked.

Click ‘Checkout’ again. A confirmatory message displays – click ‘OK’.

The request is processed.