Forwarding Titles to a Non-OASIS User (or Faculty)

A new email forwarding target can be set up using the List/Forward feature within your Search results, Lists, Shopping Cart and other selection browsers where you see the 'Action' arrow.  This will enable you to forward titles to a faculty member or colleague who does not have access to OASIS.

Using the Action arrow, select List/Forward. and complete the necessary fields. Click ‘Create Selector’.

Enter a name and email address that you want to forward to and 'Create List'.  If you wish to enter more than one email address, you must use a comma to separate the addresses.
After you click 'Create List' the name will appear in the list below under E-mail and will remain there for future forwards until you remove it.
Click the name to highlight and a green check will appear next to the name.  When you are ready to send the title select one of action options at the bottom of the screen.

The 'now' actions will send the email immediately.  The 'mark for process list' will be processed with all the other actions.

Once set up, the user details appear in Administration/Manage Account/List Maintenance in the normal way and details can be amended if necessary.

Alternatively forwarding to a non OASIS user can be set up by going direct to Administration/ Manage Account/List Maintenance from the main menu.