OASIS Lists are like your email folders.  You can create as many Lists as you like, and you can put as many titles in your Lists as you like.
Your Lists are your own and no one else can access your personal Lists, however, via the "Check Status- on List" notification, your library colleagues can see if a title they're looking at is on one of your lists.
Please see the Check Status page for more information on this.  
Access your Lists from the drop-down available on most OASIS pages.
Used like ‘Search Results’ with option to send titles to a Cart, Delete individual titles or to ‘Empty Current List’.  On Lists, Slip Notifications and Authorize Orders, the ‘floating tabs’ feature is present, enabling Order Info to be completed (for the whole list) amongst other things.

Titles can be added from Search Results or from Other lists that you have created.

Adding titles to a List

In Search Results, hover on in the 'List' column to display options:

- Add All Titles currently displayed to a List

- Add the one highlighted title to a List

These are 'instant' actions which move the selected title(s) directly to the selected List as '1 copy'.

The quantity may be edited before doing this and will be carried forward, or later in the List itself.

The List/Forward dialogue appears with the opportunity to create a new list if so required. Click on the list you wish to add to and click ‘Add’ or ‘Cancel’ to abort.

The screen will refresh, the title(s) will be placed in your chosen list and the record will disappear from your Search Results.

Once items are placed in your list, they will remain there until you take further action, e.g. move them to the Shopping Cart.

You can log out and log back in at a later date without losing them.

Deleting titles from a List

An  entire list may be emptied by using the 'Empty Current List' button at the top right of the lists browser screen.

Click  and a warning pop-up box appears.

‘OK’ to remove from list permanently or ‘Cancel’ to abort.